September 06, 2015

Good to be home!

To say it is good to be home is such an understatement. We are not exactly back to our typical routine but it is incredible to sleep in our own bed with no beeping or sounds of other children waking in the night. The entire experience has been pretty surreal and since we have been home I have awoken several times not knowing where I was right away.

In our few days at home we have seen several of Evan's friends, taken Evan to a local Physiatrist (doc who manages his therapy) and been to Evan's school twice. We are in the process of finalizing a plan for Evan's return to school and at the advice of the physiatrist, Evan will receive homebound instruction for the first month of school. The principal said Evan can still come to lunch for some peer-to-peer interaction which will be great.

Evan is progressing really well and walking better every day. We don't worry as much about him falling but he tires more quickly than he did before surgery. Evan never complains about being tired but we can see it in his face. Today after running errands and walking a lot he told us he was lightheaded and rested for 15 min. and said he was feeling much better. These small comments from Evan are our indications to slow things down for him. His brain still needs time to heal.