October 22, 2010


We seem to have the bus situation worked out so we're not having an irate Evan every day when we pick him up. He's so perceptive, even at six years old, that he immediately recognizes when he is being treated differently. Clearly, this will be our challenge. There are certain times when Evan needs special accomodations that result in him being treated differently and it's a tough situation to navigate...

He gets picked up early from school every Wednesday for PT and feels special because he gets to walk to the front of the school with two buddies.

He is selected for a pull out session for advanced academics and is furious that he has to leave his classroom.

Loves his private physical therapist; HATES the adaptive PE instructor and told him as much.

It doesn't help that Evan is also on a medication that is known to cause extreme irritability and aggression. We can sometimes see that he is trying to manage the chemical change but when he loses it (usually emotional tears rather than aggression) I have to just take a deep breath and choose my words carefully.