September 17, 2010


Today Evan got off the bus teary-eyed because, although he didn't have the words for it, he was a victim of discrimination. Not by some mean kid, but by the transportation department of the school system. They didn't say he couldn't ride the bus...they know that's illegal and would never do such a thing.

But they did single him out because he has epilepsy and insist that he ride sitting by the window and next to an adult who has been assigned to him. It took Evan two weeks to bring this up to us but apparently after today he couldn't take it anymore. All Evan wants is to be able to sit wherever he wants on the bus and with his friends. All Evan wants is to be treated like everyone else. Seems a simple enough request.

My guess is the the transportation department just wants to keep Evan safe. Unfortunately, by making him sit next to an adult they have singled him out as being different in a situation where it was unnecessary. My expectation is that next week the "assigned adult" will sit in a different seat where he can be close enough to see Evan.

Friday afternoons are not productive for dealing with such issues so I'll detract my claws and wait until Monday, however, my manicure is already scheduled for Sunday.