August 30, 2009

Wait and See

We are familiar with the process of wait and see and that's where we are again. After following up with two nephrologists to talk about the growing tumor in Evan's kidney they both had similar things to say.

Basically, the tumor is still small, even though it has tripled in size. With the longest dimension at 2.5 cm, they won't be concerned unless it reaches 4cm. At 4 cm the wall of the tumor becomes thinner and the chance of it rupturing increases. One of the doctors suggested avoiding putting Evan in Kung Fu, Kick Boxing or Gymnastics because an abdominal blow or pressure on a gymnastics bar could increase the chance of it rupturing. Obviously, an active 5-year-old will find himself in plenty of situations where an abdominal blow is possible and we aren't going to make him feel different or incapable of doing what his friends are doing but we'll have to be selective on what activities we sign him up for. Like many other things, it's a balancing act.

The next steps are more tests to see if there are any changes so we'll just wait and hope there is nothing to see.