August 27, 2008

2008 Minnesota Epilepsy Stroll - Duluth

What's a vacation without taking a break to participate in an Epilepsy Stroll! We have so much family in Minnesota that it seemed like the obvious thing to do when we found out the Stroll was happening while we were in town. We raised money for the Minnesota Epilepsy Foundation and also spread the word about

Here we are in our Seizure Tracker shirts before the walk.

There was a sign thanking each team that walked.

It was a beautful day and there were around 400 people walking in Duluth.

The stroller brigade rules!


August 12, 2008

Minnesota Vacation

I haven't posted here often because quite frankly, I haven't had much to say. Evan is doing really well and after follow-up visits with his docs in NY, he continues to have a clean bill of health. Of course we couldn't be happier!!! This is how each of the doctor visits went...

Dr.: So how's Evan been doing?
Us: Great!!
Dr.: And what's been going on the last few months with him?
Us: Nothing!!
Dr.: Great!!

Then we chat about how wonderful Evan's progress has been and everyone smiles in agreement and we chat some more. We really should have had tea and crumpets because the appointments felt more like social calls with friends than doctor visits. This feels like a much better way to continue these appointments!

At the moment, we are in Minnesota visiting my folks, and because we have a somewhat warped sense of vacation, we are doing an Epilepsy Stroll while we're here. We just happened to find out it was going on a couple weeks before our trip and we're looking forward to it. We have so much family here that we actually have a pretty big team - about 20 people all together. Here is our page for the walk:

Check out the photo on the page. It is of Evan 2 weeks after surgery and he is still chubby from how much he ate while he was on steroids. The scar is still healing and you can see it on the right side of his head if you look really close. I decided to use this photo for the walk page and when Evan saw it he didn't know who the boy was! I have to agree though, Evan looks nothing like this now!