March 11, 2009

National Epilepsy Walk, March 28, 2009

Amazingly, it's been a year since the last National Epilepsy Walk. We are putting together a team again this year and I find it interesting that this is an emotional experience for me. As we set up our pages this year I couldn't help reflect on our experience with epilepsy. We have seen more seizures than anyone should have to witness and after Evan's surgery we brought home a seizure-free 4-year old with a lot to celebrate! The surgery brought challenges too though and when Evan left the hospital he was only able to take a few steps before he was exhausted. He had to learn how to walk again and he's such a tough little kid that he quickly pushed forward and is now running, jumping and playing harder than ever. We've seen only a few seizures since his surgery but they are pretty much controlled by medication. Our biggest hope is that this continues to be the case!

Organizations like the Epilepsy Foundation are dedicated to epilepsy research and finding better treatments and a cure for epilepsy and we are thankful for that. We are proud to be walking the walk again this year and are looking for people to join our team or sponsor us. Check out our team page...

This is the face that motivates us...he's this cute in person too so it works against us a lot!