June 25, 2008

Still Smiling

If you want to see me smile...beam really...just ask me how Evan is doing! He's doing great! Have I mentioned how lucky and blessed we are as a family? It has been just over seven months since Evan's surgery and we aren't seeing any seizures. This is thrilling, but on top of that, he seems to be doing better in other areas since Dr. Weiner worked his magic.

He was always verbal but his vocabulary is really taking off, in addition to the nonstop verbal commentary on anything and everything. Last week I took Evan to PT and asked his therapist, Kim, what she thought about his progress. Evan has always had some weakness on his left side, particularly his leg and foot and immediately after surgery we saw a greater range of movement in his ability to bend his toes. This improvement has revealed itself in his recovery. Kim said although you do expect some improvement due to being older, Evan has improved too quickly for the surgery not to have played a major role in where he is now physically. Evan is starting to lead with his left foot more even when doing something hard and he is able to jump higher and even has better endurance. We've been taking him to swimming lessons and have pulled out his bike now that the weather is warmer and both activities offer really good PT for him. He puts on his "super boy" cape, blasts off down the sidewalk and doesn't stop running until he gets to the end of the street. It's quite a sight to see!

So go ahead and ask me how Evan is doing. I used to hate that question because I never knew how much or what to say, but not anymore. He's doing amazingly well and I'm even smiling as I type.