March 27, 2013


One of the hardest things to do is watch Evan receive anesthesia prior to an MRI. Two things make this challenging: he's scared and nervous so he sometimes cries or resists the process and we watch his body crumple as the anesthesia courses through his body. When he was smaller I would hold him and that was a more difficult psychological experience to have him in my arms as he lost consciousness and his body went limp.

Then there is the waiting. It seems like an eternity as we sit in the waiting room, waiting...waiting...waiting.

This year was the first time Evan had Mindy with him and we were amazed by how she reacted to Evan. His anxiety level was high and she knew it. The team was really good with Evan but the member of the team who really shined was Mindy!

As Evan laid on the table to receive his anesthesia, Mindy put her front legs across him and rested her head in his lap. She did this on her own with no commands; she just knew what to do and provided him the comfort he needed. He was petting Mindy as he fell asleep.

When he woke up, we were with him and Mindy was laying watchfully by his side. He was happy to see her when he woke up and quickly began his nurse-charming routine. He was very groggy and the first thing he asked for was Mindy. The second thing he asked for was the Skylanders toy we promised him. We knew he was on his way back to normal when he started playing on his iPod Touch. A couple popsicles later and we left with our eyes on the next prize: McDonald's!

Overall, not a bad experience. Evan was super polite and his manners were shockingly impeccable, especially given his altered state. I think he knows please and thank you get you treats and lots of attention in hospital settings.

Once again I find myself in awe if my son. In spite of everything he deals with everyday, he approaches these challenging situations with grace, humor and a positive spirit.