November 29, 2007

Belly Boy

I know I've mentioned how much Evan is eating, but I thought I'd offer up some visual proof. He has gained 5 lbs. in the last week and a half -- that's almost a 20% increase in his weight! I snapped a few shots today with my camera phone...

You don't get cheeks like this eating carrot sticks, although he eats those too!

I call this his bowl full of jelly.

We used to have to cinch all the waistbands of his pants and they still fell down, now nothing fits! His last steroid dose is tomorrow so I'm guessing things will start to get back to normal in a few weeks. For now, we just laugh and feed him -- he's so hungry!

As you can see they didn't shave his head for the surgery, just the incision line. The scar itself is pretty big but is healing well. I may post photos in a few days for the gruesomely curious, like myself. I was a little nervous about seeing Evan's head for the first time but it actually looks much better than I expected.


Mary said...

I know that steroids cause puffiness, but this is hilarious! I'd guess he was hungry in the last picture- his belly button isn't an outie!

So glad you're homeward bound!

Give Dr. Weiner thanks from your cheering section when you see him!

Love and hugs,

Bob, Beth & the Kids said...

Hey Lisa, how does it feel to be Barry Bonds' mom? :)

Kelley said...

he looks so happy and healthy, these pictures make me smile. so glad you are coming home!=-)