November 07, 2007

We're in NY

We got up at 4:30 this morning to fly up to NY and although it was a bit stressful getting everything together last night, we were glad to have been here early. It gave us a chance to get settled and make sure everything was in order for tomorrow. It is, and Evan will be at the hospital at 6:45am tomorrow morning. He'll get anesthesia, have a MRI and then go directly into surgery. Whew. We are expecting him to be away from us for about 5 hours, so hopefully we'll have some info by 2:00pm about the first surgery. Wish him luck and we'll post when we can tomorrow.


James said...

You know all here in Maryland are crossing fingers, and praying and such for things to go well.

We all love you!

Uncle James and Aunt Mary

Deborah said...

We're thinking of you - glad everything is in order for tomorrow!

All our love,
Debbie, Dan and Matt

Bob, Beth & the Kids said...

Marcus is already talking about having Evan back in school, guys. Endure the short, look to the long.

The grace, resilience, and bravery that your family has shown touch us all and inspire our thoughts and prayers.

Bob, Beth, Marcus & Josh

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Evan tomorrow -- Rose Hill is thinking of all of you!

:) Laura

Ken Halla said...

We said a special prayer for Evan tonight. We will be thinking of you all tomorrow.

Joanne said...

Thinking of you all!!!

Anonymous said...

We're thinking of you and sending all our good thoughts your way, as always.

Love you guys,

Claudia, Gerry and kids

Auntie Oh Oh said...

Our love and thoughts are with you. We're all looking forward to a "new and improved" seizure-free Evan!

Auntie Oh Oh, Uncle Bo Bo, Quentin and Sasha

Ken Halla said...

Evan and co.

We are so glad the first step of the operations went well.

Anonymous said...

We're thinking about you all and hoping everything goes very well.

Roy & Dearl (James' Dad & Mom)