November 20, 2007

Third & Final Surgery Complete!

Evan's third surgery is complete and everything looks good! He's moving everything and talking, so that's a great sign that his motor strip is still intact. He's also asking for food and mad that we won't give him any -- we'll take both of those as good signs too. After anesthesia, the stomach is the last thing to wake up so if we give him anything to eat it'll probably just come right back up.

Dr. Weiner said the surgery was pretty dramatic and he removed about as much as he did on the last surgery. All the tissue he removed was abnormal and was the focus of the seizure activity we've been seeing this week, so he feels very good about the success of the surgery.

Right now Evan is sleeping and I'm hoping he doesn't wake up until his stomach does because it breaks my heart to tell him no. He didn't go to surgery until about 4:30 or 5:00 tonight, so it was a long day without food. He napped off and on before he was brought downstairs to the OR and when he woke up we all tried to entertain him to distract him from his hunger. We went through our repertoire of songs and drew a train on Aunt Becky's tummy with markers. Evan scowled through that, but we thought it was funny. Becky was a riot making the train move by rolling her stomach.

I'm going to go back to Evan's room now to watch him sleep. I remember bringing him home from the hospital after he was born and just watching him sleep for long periods of time. There have been many times here at the hospital that have reminded me of those early days. Evan looks peaceful and comfortable and I'm hoping he's feeling well and in good spirits in the morning.


Bob, Beth & the Kids said...

We were so worried... thank goodness he's OK. Go get some sleep, guys :)

The Mirandas said...

Ahhhhh! We are so happy to hear the news! Happy Thanksgiving. There is a lot to be thankful for. Enjoy this but don't forget to take care of you too.
Susan, Damon, Dillon and Corrine

Linda Creech said...

God be with all of you this night. Love you, Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa...



Dad said...


I hope I have finally figured out how to post a comment.

Know that you have all been in our thoughts and prayers all day.

What follows is part of what I last tried to send Saturday night in response to the "Brain Invasion" post. Those of us on medicare take a while.

This is amazing!

. . . .

And Happy Birthday to Rob!



Frederick E. Moss


Kelley said...

ahh so relieved! i have checked your website all day! i hope you all sleep well, and have a great thanksgiving!

Ken Halla said...

I am so glad you are through the final surgery. Grant told me yesterday that God was watching over Evan. Mostly though, he wants Evan to see his three new pirate ships that he got for his birthday. Thanks for the updates, I check several times a day to see (esp yesterday) if there is a new one.

Mary said...

I crashed out last night before you got this posted- but not before Chuck called to give me the report! I'd intended to make it a very early night, but just couldn't settle until we'd heard. I hope you and Rob got some good sleep last night also.

This is wonderful news! Wiggling fingers and toes is good news, but I'm glad to know that his Moss Mania is working-feed the boy already! (Yes, I understand the anesthesia delay, but it's breakfast time here.)

I'm glad you've got the reinforcements coming. Aria is so excited about getting back to see Evan. She's a character, too! And loves her little brother as much as he loves her. You are doing a wonderful job parenting these two!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

James said...

Fantastic news!

Very happy to hear that Evan is doing so well. Now on to the one of the most difficult things for the parents to do... Take care of themselves! Recharge the batteries, fill up the reserves with sleep, love and security.

You all are in my meditations and good thoughts! I knew joining Lisa's Optimism religion would be a good thing!

Give Evan hugs and loves from Uncle James, please.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news! I am so glad Evan seems to have come through with flying colors! We have all been thinking of you at Rose Hill!

:) Laura Osborne

Robin & Keith said...

Well sweetheart, looks like the tea leaves have spoken. Lord willing, goodbye and good riddance to the seizures. And give the boy some food!

I hope to one day possess half the parenting skills you and Rob have.

God bless you Evan. You are so loved.

Joanne said...

What spectacular news!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and count your many, many blessings!


Jim said...

Sounds like good news. I'm sure everything will go smoothly from here on out.


Mama Lisa said...

Thanks everyone for pulling for Evan and posting all the good thoughts! Evan is eating like crazy now and is complaining of a tummy ache because he's so full. Nothing like living in a constant state of extremes!


Flavia said...

Thank you for keeping us posted and the good news. I loved the train in the belly story. That is what family does. Gobble Gobble

Auntie Oh Oh said...

Good thing those little toes are wiggling. Now Evan can use them to beckon cute nurses to bring more grapes and chicken mcnuggets to his room! Bet Chuck and Becky could have used the back up....

Not sure there are words to describe how all of us feel down here. Evan may not be our son, but he IS definitely one of our own. There's an overwhelming sense of relief and hope that Evan is at the start of a whole new life.

We are thinking about you guys all the time and missing out on our young Thanksgiving tradition of deep frying turkeys, breaking mixers, perusing Black Friday circulars for cheap stuff we don't need, and figuring out how to get home in a car overstuffed with purchases.

Looking forward to hearing more good reports,
R, B, Q & S

Deborah said...

We are so thankful this Thanksgiving for you and your family!
- The Gardner Family