November 13, 2007

Surgery is Tomorrow

As I mentioned earlier, Evan produced a lot of seizures and the doctors got all the info they needed to move forward with surgery. The stars were shining on us and an OR space came available for Evan for tomorrow, Wed. 11/14. Evan will probably be brought downstairs for surgery a little after noon.

We are not a particularly religious family, but we really appreciate our friends and family who are. Evan has been put on a lot of prayer lists over the last couple years and there have been a lot of prayers going up the ladders of multiple faiths: Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Protestant, Mormon, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Quaker, Lutheran, Sikh, Pentecostal, Greek Orthodox, Hasidic and probably some I don't even know about.

We just want to thank everyone for their prayers, well wishes, good vibes and positive energy in whatever form they come in. Please keep it coming, tomorrow is the BIG day!

We feel extremely confident about the surgery and I think tonight we saw our last seizure.


Susan and Corrine said...

I continue to pass on the good thoughts and prayers for you and Evan. I think of you often. Blessing for a wonderful tomarrow.

James said...

Holding all of you in the Light.


Uncle James

Jenna von ELling said...

Go Evan GO! I'm sending all of my good health vibes your way and thinking of you today.

Ken Halla said...

We will be thinking, praying, crossing our fingers and toes for Evan at noon (and for you and Robb as well as I know how hard it will be on you).

rawPhoto said...

I am sending Light!

Linda Creech said...

Rob, Lisa, Aria & Evan,

What a beautiful family, and wonderful support group. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

You are in our constant prayers. I know God is watching over you and will continue to bless our little Evan.

If there is ANYTHING you need, I hope you know you can call on us at ANY TIME. (I do have a retired husband with free flight priveleges!) oooow, maybe that's NOT such a good idea.

Seriously, we are here if you need us, and I pray you would never hesitate to call.

God bless you all- we love you,
Aunt Linda