November 25, 2007

Feed Me!!

Feed me Seymour,
Feed me all night long.
'Cause if you feed me Seymour,
I can grow up big and strong...

--Audrey II, The Little Shop of Horrors
Feed Me clip on

The steroids have hit Evan full force and he's HUNGRY. This is not some off-hand comment that Evan is hungry. It's like he is possessed by a 300 pound man who hasn't eaten in a week. The boy eats until his stomach is so full his belly button changes from an "innie" to an"outie" and then asks for more food. It's crazy, like nothing we've ever seen. Then his stomach hurts -- duh! The obvious solution is to limit his food intake to save him from himself, but hello steroids! He goes from hungry to mad and hungry and it isn't pretty. The up side is that we are in New York and every restaurant here delivers, even McDonald's if you have a $20 order!

Todays eating fest began at 6am with a grilled cheese sandwich and some left over chicken nuggets. It wasn't long before he needed another grilled cheese sandwich. At 10am, Evan wanted lunch at McDonald's but they don't serve lunch until 11:00. That delay wasn't pretty! We left the apartment at 10:30, hitting Starbucks before we showed up at McDonald's at 11am prompt. Food is the instant mood mender for Evan so he was immediately happy when he saw the golden arches. After gobbling up all his chicken nuggets and fries we had this conversation:

Evan: I'm full.
Evan: Maybe I'll have just a few more french fries.
Evan eats two fries
Evan: I'm hungry!
Me: You just said you were full.
Evan: No I didn't, I'm really hungry.
Me: Are you sure? Your belly looks really full.
Evan: No it isn't. I have an idea: maybe you can ask them if they have more chicken nuggets and they will say, "yes". Is that a good idea?
Rob: We might try to find you something healthier than McDonald's.
Evan: Hmmm, maybe I'll have a grilled cheese sandwich instead.
Rob: You want to go back to the apartment to have a grilled cheese sandwich?
Evan: No, I want to eat it here.
Me: McDonald's doesn't have grilled cheese.
Evan: Yes they do.
Me: They have cheeseburgers, but no grilled cheese.
Evan: OK, I'll have a cheeseburger.
Rob goes to buy a cheeseburger

Pretty much every conversation with Evan goes this way and although it's sometimes hard (like when the food takes a while to arrive) there is a side of it that's funny. So, in the end, we just let him eat but try not to let him gorge himself too badly.


Susan and Family said...

Well well! That sounds like fun if you as me. I have some cookies waiting for you. But don't tell Evan, he might not be able to wait.


Mary said...

Shall we set up a "Help Feed Evan" account??? I can see it now, panhandling on the corner, "fully employed, but can't feed our son-Please help!"

How about a nice stir-fry? Some Indian? (I know there are great Indian restaurants in that town!) Some fruit? How about vegetables and dip, or hummus? ;-)

I trust you are both remembering to feed yourselves while you're busy procuring food for Evan?

Know that you are loved, and we're looking forward to seeing you!

Ellen B. said...

Hi there -

I am so happy to hear the great news of Evan's successful surgeries & that you will be home soon!

Wishing you all the best!
- Ellen

Mama Lisa said...


I agree with your suggestions, but unfortunately with the raging steroid hunger comes raging hormone anger when Evan doesn't get exactly what he wants to eat. We were hoping to expand his food horizons, but that hasn't happened yet. Maybe when he weans off the steroids a little more his temperament will be more agreeable to some new, healthier foods!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm glad you can see the funny side.

It's pretty hard reasoning with our 4 year old under normal circumstances, I can't imagine if he were on steroids. Owen had no excuse when he attempted to tip over a table at Starbucks and yelled at the other customers to leave this shop NOW. Well, no excuse other than that they didn't have the kind of chocolate milk he likes. He takes chocolate milk very seriously apparently.

Hang in there, and we're all so glad to hear how well Evan is doing.


Alex said...

This post cracks me up! I've certainly had my share of days where I need food NOW and lots of it! I can't imagine being that ravenous all the time though!

Glad to hear things are going well and wish you a safe trip when you head back to Virginia!

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