November 24, 2007


They released Evan from the hospital yesterday!!! We are so happy not to have to sleep there anymore, but we may go back to visit in a few days when Evan has a follow up appointment. We thought the doctors would discharge Evan today, but he wanted to leave so badly they gave in and let him leave a day early. Dr. Weiner wants us to stay in town for a week just to make sure everything continues to go well before we leave town, but we will be making our way back home soon.

When Evan was discharged, Chuck, Roman and Aria were still in town, so we all crammed into the studio apartment last night and had a great slumber party. After Aria and Evan were in bed, Chuck hung out with the sleeping kids at the apartment and Rob and I took Roman to the observation platform of the Empire State Building. It was a great view of NY at night, but probably someone smarter would have done it in the summer -- it's really cold and windy on the 86th floor in November! It really was breathtaking though and well worth it. By the time we got back to the apartment, Rob and I were zombies but Roman seemed like he could have kept on going. I vaguely remember being 16!

This morning Rob took Roman and Aria to the museum to check out the Egyptian area and all the suits of armor. They all came back smiling and seemed to have a great time. Chuck, Roman and Aria took the train back to DC this afternoon, so things were pretty quiet after that. It was sad seeing them leave but wonderful to have them up here for a few days.

Evan is still pretty wobbly when he walks but we get him walking often so he can build his muscles back up. We have been holding his hand when he walks and each time he looks like he has regained a little strength. We think he'll need more therapy than what he usually gets for a little while in order to get back to his pre-surgery form, but we are definitely seeing physical improvements we never expected. Evan is curling his left toes and he never could before and when he walks barefoot, he doesn't look like he's dragging his left toe like he used to. The best news is that we haven't seen ANY seizures! We're hoping Evan's progess continues in the same direction and we couldn't be happier.


Bob, Beth & the Kids said...

Wonderful, guys, wonderful. Can't wait to have you all back home in Alexandria!

Dad said...

Wonderful News!

You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Big hugs all around.

Ken Halla said...

So glad you are "free." We can hardly wait to see all of you in a couple of weeks.

Jenna said...

I am so excited for you all!! Go Evan GO!!!

Mary said...


James and I are so happy for all of you! We checked the blog last night before we went to bed, but obviously you're more of a night owl than we are. . .;-)

I'm looking forward to chatting with Aria in a bit, to get the "full" report. Guess we'll be postponing our slumber party for next weekend, since there's no way she's going to want to be anywhere but with you guys when you get home!

Big hugs to all of you.

The Reagan Recorder said...

We are so happy to hear about no seizures!! How wonderful!! It sounds like Evan is doing great! We, too, got to go the Empire State Building a couple of Decembers and it also wasn't that warm! Enjoy the rest of your time in NYC.

Kristin said...

Such great news! What a blessing!