November 12, 2007

Still Grumpy

Evan has moments of being in a good mood, but is generally grumpy. He asks to go home and continues to ask for Aria, but the good news is that Aria will be here next weekend. We've had offers to get her here earlier, but I think we're going to stick with the original plan because we don't really want her here the day he has surgery.

Evan's surgery is scheduled for Thursday, 11/15, but there is a chance they may do it on Wednesday, 11/14, instead. They have gotten all the clinical data on seizures that they need, so if they can arrange to get the OR they'll push it up a day. It's good news that Evan has been having seizures while we've been here because it gives the doctors a more clear picture of what to remove. There are kids who come in for this and have the first surgery, then never have a seizure and end up going home without going any further in the surgical process. I'm just glad we're not in that situation. We've heard more than once that Evan is following the textbook and we're hoping he keeps it up all the way to being seizure-free after surgery.

Yesterday was a little rough. Evan pretty much slept all day and then threw up a couple times in the evening. He was hard to wake up but his vital signs were good. As a precaution, they sent him downstairs to get a CT scan and after the test he perked right up and was pretty cheerful for a little while. The CT was fine and the nausea might be from the medication so they also gave him something to settle his stomach. One of the hardest things has been seeing Evan so sad and upset -- it's just so out of character for him. We find ourselves just waiting for those moments where he will smile or giggle. Then we sigh in relief, hoping it will last as long as possible before we have to wait again.

McDonald's chicken nuggets seem to brighten his spirits and Uncle Chuck has offered to go to McDonald's ten times a day if he has to! Evan also sat up and requested hot chocolate, so Chuck was off and running for that too.


Kelley said...

Lisa & Rob,

I'm so glad to hear Evan is doing well, Bryan and i have been thinking a lot about him. Please don't hesitate to call me if your mom needs anything, I'm more than happy to help out with Aria! I'm sending good thoughts, and praying for Evan everyday. Tell him i love him, and i can't wait to see him when you guys return home!


Mama Lisa said...


Thank you so much, we really appreciate it!