November 10, 2007

Finally he smiled!

The doctors and nurses have been pleased with Evan's recovery and we have too, but it's been hard to see the expression of pain on his face for the past couple days. Today he smiled and actually spent about an hour this evening joking with us and being very animated. We were so happy when we heard him giggle for the first time. Evan spent most of the yesterday and today sleeping, but we think tomorrow will be "game on!"

Rob's brother Chuck came up to NY yesterday and it has been great to have him here. Evan has enjoyed having him with us and Rob and I were able to leave the room to look at the MRIs with the surgeon. It really is a huge help to have an extra adult in the room.

Evan had an MRI before yesterday's surgery and another one this morning. The purpose of the second MRI was to view the placement of the grids Dr. Weiner put on Evan's brain to map his seizure paths. We were able to seen all the grids on the MRI and it was pretty cool -- in a geeky, medical way.

Now we wait for seizure activity. The goal is to capture enough seizure activity through the grids to be able to give Dr. Weiner even more specific information about the area he will remove. So, this is the time we hope for seizures. The second surgery is scheduled for Thurs., 11/15, so if Evan is consistent, They'll have enough info by the end of the weekend to make a solid evaluation.


Anonymous said...

We are all smiling for you too.
The Mirandas

Grant said...

Grant says hi to his little buddy!