November 29, 2007

We'll be home Friday night!

New York has been a surreal and amazing experience, but we are all really looking forward to being home tomorrow night. We'll meet with Dr. Weiner for a follow-up appointment and fly out in the late afternoon. It'll be bedtime by the time we get home, but that doesn't matter, we'll be home!

We've learned a few things being in New York for 3 weeks, mostly involving food:
--There is a lot of good pizza and a lot of bad coffee in the city, you have to know where to go.

--You can have your dirty laundry picked up at your door and returned clean and folded by the end of the day. The huge bonus is that it's only a few dollars more than doing it yourself at a laundromat.

--You can have a grilled cheese sandwich delivered to your door from any Deli at any time -- we seem to hit the 5am slot.

--At the pizza shop you can just ask for "a slice" if you want cheese only, no need to put in extra descriptive words, like "cheese".

--McDonald's will deliver if you order a minimum of $20 -- I guess this is good?

--We never found a restaurant that doesn't deliver -- this is definitely good!

--If a cabbie honks at you while you're crossing the street you're fine; if the cabbie doesn't honk, pick up the pace or you may get hit.

--City kids are afraid of dogs and people are shocked that Evan isn't scared at all by them.

--And most of all, New Yorkers are really great. We have met so many nice people while we've been here! I'm sure there are people here who fit the New York stereotypes, but we honestly haven't found that to be the case. I'm so looking forward to going home, but there is a part of me that will miss New York.


Ken Halla said...

We can hardly wait to see all of you! Have a safe trip back on the AOL plane.

Mary said...


Unfortunately, we won't be able to organize a Saturday welcome home party for you. . . I was crazy enough to suggest that the twins take advantage of their weekend here and have a few friends over. . . but you're welcome to join the bedlam here!

New York is a wonderful place, isn't it. You do sound like a Moss. . . I'm noticing that most of the important lessons pertained to food!

Love you all! And we're so happy for you!

Mama Lisa said...

Yes, food is really where our biggest interests lie. You have to eat, and you may as well eat well!


Cousin Cindy said...

Hi Lisa,

We have been praying for Evan too, Bernadette just told me about your blog site or I would have been here before now. I am thankful that all has gone well. I know it is good to be home. Take care and God bless you all.

Tim & Cindy