November 18, 2007

Waiting for Surgery

We only have a few more days to get through until Evan has his last surgery and we're ready. Evan is somewhat moody from the steroids, his head itches from the wrapping and he can't get out of bed because he has hardware in his brain. After the next surgery, he will return to the PICU for a day or so and if all goes well will be moved to the main pediatric ward quickly. Once he is out of the PICU, he'll be able to move around and go to the playroom. As long as he doesn't hit any snags he'll be checked out of the hospital a few days after that.

The doctors all feel confident about the surgery and we are still feeling optimistic about the results. As my mom said, we only need one miracle.

Having a steady stream of family here has been a huge help. Chuck was here first and created a good rhythm of starting us off with strong coffee and doing runs for whatever Evan wanted. Debbie G. came for a visit on Evan's worst day, but it was great to see her and she stocked me with trashy magazines -- I know all about Britney's issues, the tell-all book Tom Cruise is nervous about, the rumors about Angelina Jolie's pregnancy and the latest drama on Dancing With the Stars! Bob and Beth brought my mom and Aria to NY on their way to visit family and it was really great to have them with us. This is a hard place for Aria to be, but I do think it was good for both her and Evan to be together for a few days. We didn't feel like we had any quality time with Aria or my mom but having them here was wonderful. Rob's sister Becky came the day before my mom and Aria and she just extended her trip a few days, so we still have a runner for Evan and she does jumping jacks and crazy dance moves to make him laugh. I like it best when he holds out to laugh to see how far she'll go!

After Evan's surgery, Chuck is coming back up with Aria and our nephew, Roman. They will all be here for Thanksgiving and in spite of where we'll be, I think this will be the best Thanksgiving ever. It will be the beginning of a whole new existence for Evan.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you...a lot. My prayers are with little Evan, and yes, this will be a big Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you guys have such an amazing group of family and friends at hand. My big regret is not seeing Becky dance, and also not being able to be there for you guys.

It just breaks my heart to think how hard it is on Evan. Kids tend to bounce back and forget to a certain extent, but we parents don't. Aria and Evan are both amazing and testaments to the kind of people and parents that you and Rob are.

You're in the homestretch now. Just ask Becky to do her patented dance moves in the tricky moments.



Elizabeth said...

Lisa --

Judging by the sheer silliness of your daughter on the way home, she did not register in the slightest that it was a hard place to be -she only was excited about seeing Evan, her Mom and Dad and her apartment in New York! Besides the think of an animal game, sing along songs and reading with Grandma and crazy giggling antics at Cracker Barrel, we talked about Christmas and she informed us that Santa can see into your heart too when looking at your wish list. It's easy to see that the Moss family will have all their wishes come true this holiday season if that is the case.

Mary said...

As the big sister in this gang, I want to add my thanks to the ones you've already heard for getting Aria and Mabel up there! You guys are awesome, too! And I'm so glad Rob and Lisa have you in their support network!

You're doing a great job keeping us all informed. I know we're not easy to catch by phone, and your phone time is limited. Don't worry about it. Call if you need something, and leave a message if we're out (not that that ever happens!).
I'm proud of all of you. You're doing a great job with the parenting. I love the stories about Evan's adventures, and Aria is a firecracker, too.

Give Evan hugs from his Aunt Mary, and tell Beck I'm really sorry I'm missing those dance moves!

Love to all of you,

Mary said...

Rumor has it (from Rob's mom) that surgery has been scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday). I expect we'll hear from Lisa once things settle down up there this evening.

Just wanted to let folks know in case Lisa can't get to the computer.

Auntie Oh Oh said...

I think Becky needs to get those "dance train" on YouTube...could be the start of a whole new career! ;o)