December 02, 2007

Chickens Dig Scars

We are back home and thrilled to be here! On Friday morning we had an appointment with Evan's surgeon, Dr. Weiner, and we flew home in the afternoon. We had been coaching Evan to say "Chicks dig scars" but instead he said "chickens dig scars". I guess to a 4-year-old the two sentences make about the same amount of sense. We can't take credit for the phrase though...before we went to NY for Evan's surgery, Andrew told me to tell Evan, "scars are cool and chicks dig 'em". Apparently what Andrew didn't know is that chickens dig scars too. Go figure! If you don't believe me, just ask Evan.

We haven't seen any seizures since the surgery which is really tremendous. We're hoping things continue in this way! When we were in Dr. Weiner's office, we asked Evan what he thought about Dr. Weiner taking his seizures away and he said, "That's cool...Dr. Weiner, I think that's a good magic trick!" We think he's right, it is a pretty good magic trick, but no smoke and mirrors for this one -- just pure magic!!

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jennifer sacco said...

Hi Lisa.. this is Jen
Im so glad things are going well. You all are amazing with your stamina and positive outlook. It really paid off. Take care and rest assured your channels are doing just fine :)