December 18, 2007

PT, PT and more PT

Physical therapy is the name of the game now. Evan has PT four times a week and his therapists are working him hard. He thinks he's playing, and that's pretty much the only way it'll work with kids. We've seen a lot of good progress and he improves in some area every day. He's still not as steady as he was pre-surgery, but we expect him to get back to where he was at a minimum. We are hopeful that he will surpass his prior goals, but we're all taking it one day at a time.

Watching Evan reminds me of when he was learning to walk and everyday there would be something new. We've watched him go through those milestones all over again: wobbly steps, standing up with assistance, walking with confidence, managing stairs, standing up independently, running, etc. He's still pretty wobbly when he runs and has a lot of strength to regain in his legs, but he has a lot of energy and that works in his favor!


Anonymous said...

Good news!

I know this will be a very happy Christmas in your house.

Talk to you soon,


Mama Lisa said...

Indeed it will! We have so much to celebrate this year.


Anonymous said...

Lis -

Sorry to hear that you all have colds. Hope you feel better soon!

A very happy birthday to Aria. Be sure to give her her special hugs and kisses from us.

Much love,


debbie said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! We're thinking of you!
- Debbie, Dan, and Matt

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!! I love this site - now I can stay up to date on the life and times of Evan Moss! Every time I see that great pic of Evan on the floor I smile, then wonder if ticket scalping will be in his future? Hope you all have a Merry Christmas...we miss you!

Colleen O