January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's been a crazy year and although I can't say 2007 was horrible, we don't want a repeat of it. We had a lot of great things happen throughout the year but all of it was peppered with seizures, lots of seizures. Ending the year with a seizure-free Evan is absolutely fantastic and a trend we are all looking forward to continuing!

Evan is doing really well and is continuing to improve every week. He's starting to give us a run for our money and if he decides to take off, we actually have to pick up the pace to catch him. He's a really funny kid and has us laughing all the time with his antics. It's amazing to see how much more verbal and focused he is after the surgeries.

Aria continues to impress us with her ability to take everything in stride. She is a really great big sister to Evan. She seems much older than she is when we sit back and just watch her interact with him.

As for Rob and I, we are just happy to have two healthy kids. We are all battling colds, but I'd take that over seizures any day!


Ken Halla said...

We are happy that you are happy! Ken and Debbie

Joanne said...

So glad to hear things are fabulous for 2008!