December 13, 2007

We're Home!

We are home and so happy to be back. Aria and Evan were really excited to see each other and it was so cute to see them together after being apart for a week. It is so cool to see the close relationship they have and it makes us feel so proud.

Being in the hospital is such a surreal experience -- life just stops and everything revolves around when doctors make their rounds, medical tests and hospital activities. Night and day blend and you completely loose track of the day of the week. You bond with strangers going through similar and different experiences at the hospital.

Since we were just in the hospital, Evan got lots of visits from PICU nurses and they all made him feel so special. There really is something special about someone who chooses pediatric nursing as a profession. We have met too many nurses, but the ones who work with kids are really special people who probably never even know how significantly they impact their patients.

We are again thinking about how fortunate we are to have such a strong support network, and although we're ready to not need it, we are so thankful! Uncle Chuck came through again (as always) and hung out with Aria while we raced off to NY. She may be ready for us to leave again since she's pretty much gotten her way all week -- she really had a blast with him!

Our phones have been ringing a lot and we appreciate all the calls and emails. Hopefully when we get a couple decent nights of sleep we'll be able to catch up with everyone. Evan is doing well again and we are looking forward to putting all this behind us and only going back to NYU Hospital for scheduled visits!


Mary said...

I'm so glad you are home, and that they were able to deal with this issue so quickly.

I'll touch base in a few days, after you've had a chance to settle in. Call if you need me in the meantime.

Love you bunches!
Aunt Mary

Kelley said...

yay! i'm so excited everything worked out and you are home. I have never seen such a strong bond between two siblings, i remember back in the spring when Evan and i would pick up Aria from school, and they would run to eachother and hug and cheer like they had been apart for years. It's so sweet!

Have a wonderful holiday,

Kristin said...

Who would have thought that toxicity would be a big relief!?!? Thank you for taking the time to keep everyone informed and it is so wonderful you are finally home! You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Keep the good news coming!
Kristin & Dave