August 14, 2006

Video EEG Scheduled - Aug. 21-25

Well, I guess things are going to get a little crazy for us next week when we go to Children's Hospital in D.C. for a 5-day Video EEG. Basically, Evan will be hooked up to an EEG monitor and videotaped for 5 days. He won't be able to leave the room which may be a little intense, but we're trying to come up with activity ideas to keep him occupied. I think he'll actually be fine, but I'm not going to predict the state of mind for Rob and I after this!

Grandma Mabel is going to fly in from Minnesota to take care of Aria while Rob & I are in and out of the hospital with Evan. He needs to have a parent with him at all times, so we'll take turns giving each other breaks, as well as take turns sleeping there--ugh!

It shoud be interesting, I just hope we're not sharing a room with another kid!

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