August 28, 2006


We have had a lot of questions about the schedule for the AMT PET scan in Detroit, and we are hoping to get it scheduled as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Detroit is the only hospital in the country that does this test and Dr. Chugani (at Detroit) is the only doctor who can order the test.

So, to make a long story short, Dr. Pearl has to send Evan's records to Detroit and talk to Dr. Chugani, then the hospital in Detroit will contact us about scheduling the test if Dr. Chugani agrees that Evan should have it. In the process of finding this out, someone at the hospital in Detroit mentioned sending an email directly to Dr. Chugani, so I did that too and CC'd Dr. Pearl. I am amazed at how many specialists will willingly give out their email address--hopefully they don't regret giving it to us! We do take full advantage of it!

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