August 24, 2006

Video EEG -- Day 3

Sieze, baby, sieze has been the mantra of the week as we anxiously wait for a longer seizure. The doctors want to try to get examples of each different type of seizure he experiences and the "whopper" has been annoyingly elusive. Tonight we're going to pull one of his meds in the hopes of helping things along.

After the 12-pack of doctors came through, the physical therapist visited and brought Evan an exercise trampoline to play with all morning. He had a great time with that! Evan had a much needed nap before Grandma Mabel and Aria arrived for the daily play date. They've been coming every day and staying until about 7:00. Aria has been great through this experience and actaully looks forward to coming to the hospital to play, hang out and have dinner with Evan.

Grandma Mabel has been transformed into "Soccer Grandma" and brings Aria to soccer camp every morning before heading over to the hospital with her. Apparently Aria takes soccer pretty seriously and is in dire need of a bath after camp every day! It's been great seeing the two of them together and I don't know how we would have pulled this all off without the extra help.

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