August 22, 2006

Video EEG -- Day 2

Today was a very busy day in room 4122, and we might suggest the hospital install a revolving door! Dr. Pearl came in with about a dozen additional white coats--medical students, residents and fellows--and I told Evan we were having a doctor party! We were also visited by 2 physical therapists, the child life specialist, the EEG tech and multiple nurses. That was before lunch!

We had a family party / luncheon when Auntie Mary, Liza, Miriam & Samuel arrived. Evan had a great time playing with everyone and the diversion was good for all of us! It wasn't long before Grandma Mabel and Aria arrived and as my mom said, "the world stopped for Evan when Aria walked in". He was so excited to see her and his face was beaming, especially when she handed him a soccer ball from her soccer camp! The two of them are so close I can't help but smile just thinking about them together!

As Mary and crew left, I took Aria to play "Hospital Bingo" while my mom, Rob and Evan played with trains. Aria and I are true Bingo sharks and returned to the room with 4 prizes! I suppose I should mention here that we were the only two participants that showed up, but winning is winning!

Evan and Aria spent the rest of the day playing together--trains, painting, trains, trains, legos, trains, coloring, trains, stickers, trains, movies, trains, etc. After dinner my mom, Aria and I went home for the evening. Rob and I are taking turns sleeping at the hospital and I hope his night goes better than mine did! Evan seemed to sleep well but I tossed and turned all night--I hate sleeping in hospitals.

As for the seizure report, he had at least 3 again today, but we're still waiting for one of the longer ones (60-90 sec.) before they'll send us home. We haven't seen one yet, but we're hoping for one tomorrow--now that's a switch, hoping for a seizure!


becster said...

Hey Evan et al, missing you guys and thinking about you all the time. Are they giving you any special food treats at childrens?

Mary said...

Hey, Bec, you should've seen the size of the piece of cake they brought him!

As far as the bingo goes, this only gives James more fuel in his teasing about the Moss competitive streak.

Mama Lisa said...

yes, Evan has been enjoying cake, Froot Loops, cookies and pudding daily!

He couldn't go to the Bingo game but he did benefit from the winnings!