August 24, 2006

Video EEG -- Day 4

Here they are hanging out at the hospital watching Bob the Builder. Oh, and yes, that's a sticker on the gauze wrapping around his head. It says "You're Awesome!"

We are sooooo ready to be done with this hospital stay, but Evan has been such a trooper! He is such a happy little boy and is always ready with a smile whenever anyone comes in the room. It's amazing he's in such good spirits because he's been confined to his hospital room this whole stay with EEG leads glued to his head and a video camera recording his every move. He's been having a great time actually, but it's tiring keeping up with him! The walls in his room are covered with his paintings and drawings and it really does give the place a cheery look.

He didn't have any seizures yesterday but he had a couple today. Unfortunately, we're still waiting for one of his big seizures and probably won't go home until he has one, so from the looks of things, we'll be at the hospital until Saturday morning.

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