August 28, 2006

Developmental Evaluation

Today Evan had a Developmental Evaluation at Children's Hospital in D.C. This is basically so they will have a baseline of all his developmental milestones to make sure he continues to develop at the appropriate pace. We were there for about 2 hours while they tested him through play activities and he's basically doing really well.

We got some good feedback and tips but were also told to cut out TV completely and get rid of the sippy cups. Uh oh, I see some resistance coming our way! He doesn't watch that much TV, but he likes his sippy cups!


James said...

Wow! No TV? I think I could manage that! But take away my sippy cups and I think I'd be upset!

Love - Uncle James

Mama Lisa said...

LOL, well since you're so fond of them, maybe we'll give you a few extras!! I'm trying to picture you now with a bright green sippy cup--too bad you don't drink beer, that would make the picture in my mind even funnier!