August 22, 2006

Video EEG -- Day 1

Evan did extremely well on the first day and impressed us all! He seems to have conquered his fear of the medical establishment for the most part and now spends his time charming everyone that walks in his room!

Having said that, I'll admit, the first part of the day was rough. He had to be sedated because of his high freak-out factor--there's no way he'd willingly let anyone put EEG leads on his head!! While he was under sedation he also had his eyes examined to make sure he doesn't have any retinal lesions which is sometimes an issue with Tuberous Sclerosis patients. I'm happy to say that he got a clean bill of heath from the opthamologist.

Evan was pretty freaked out when he came out of sedation and we were scared about how the rest of the trip was going to be, but before long, we settled in and he was pretty much back to normal. When the Neurology resident came in to examine Evan, he started telling her knock-knock jokes--a little ladies man already!!

Evan had at least 3 seizures in the evening, so if we're lucky, they'll get the information they need and let us leave before the whole 5 days are up!

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