March 08, 2006

Physical Therapy

Evan is going to physical therapy once a week and Rob and I are taking turns bringing him while the other parent takes Aria to school. Today was my first solo trip to therapy and it's pretty amazing to see how they do things. Basically, the therapist has him stretch, squat and strengthen his muscles while playing with toys, walking on balance beams, jumping and generally having a good time.

He is going to need at least one orthopedic brace to help encourage his body to move the right way and it is amazing the hoops we are having to jump through with the insurance company. It looks like they might cover the braces but it has been a huge hassle.

Rob arrived shortly after we finished the therapy session and we spoke to the therapist / owner for almost an hour after his appointment. She was full of information and will probably be a very good source of information. She was very positive about the success she's seen with kids who have had the surgery and had great things to say about the next two neurologists we're going to see for additional opinions and insights.


James said...

Thanks for sharing all of this with us.

You know we all here love you all there!


Mama Lisa said...

Thanks, we feel very blessed to have so many people around us who have offered their friendship, love and support.