March 30, 2006

Good TV

We've been noticing lately that everywhere we turn we've been hearing people talk about brain surgery: radio programs, TV shows, etc. I'm guessing it's that we're more aware of this topic right now, but it sure is odd.

Last night when we turned on the TV, it was set to PBS and they were airing a show on how doctors and patients relate, particularly when dealing with a serious illness or surgery. The people they chose to speak on the show included doctors, psychologists, cancer survivors, etc. and was really well done. There were a couple quotes that came from the show that stuck with me...

"What you don't need is a doctor who makes you fell passive and dumb; what you do need is a doctor who makes you feel empowered and smart."

"It's not about the disease the patient has, it's about the patient who has the disease."

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