March 14, 2006

New Medication

Last weekend we began the process of changing Evan's medication from Trileptal to Keppra. He was almost at the maximum dosage for Trileptal and it wasn't controlling his seizures, so it's time to move to a new med.

He started having seizures almost every day again and even though they are short (10-30 sec.), it is always troubling when his medication can't manage the seizures. It is common for him to have breakthrough seizures when he is sick or his weight increases and the dosage needs to be changed, but that's not the case this time.

In order to switch the medication, we've introduced a very low dosage of Keppra in addition to the Trileptal and will gradually decrease the Trileptal while we increase the Keppra until he is at the dosage the doctor thinks he needs. The medicine makes him cranky and sleepy though and we're hoping it's just a temporary thing while his body adjusts. This used to happen whenever we increased the Trileptal too.

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