March 11, 2006

Going to Johns Hopkins

Well, after 2 1/2 weeks we finally feel like we have enough information to begin the process of talking to a neurosurgeon. We made an appointment with Dr. Vining, the director of the pediatric neurology department at Johns Hopkins and will see her next month. We're looking forward to talking to her and learning what options for treatment are available for Evan.

Johns Hopkins is a pretty impressive place and Dr. Vining seems to look really good on paper and I've heard good things about her. It's nice to be going somewhere that deals with all types of epilepsy treatments on a daily basis.

Here's some info on Dr. Vining:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted - and for the new pictures on your other blog. We're all thinking of you guys.


Mama Lisa said...


Thanks, we're trying to keep up with updates as best we can!