March 30, 2006

Another parent's experience

I had an amazing 2 hour phone conversation with a mother who's daughter who had major epilepsy brain surgery when she was 7 years old. Her daughter's epilepsy was more dramatic than Evan's and the surgery, a Functional Hemispherectomy, essentially removed and disconnected the entire left half of her brain. They went through many drugs and treatments before arriving at the decision to have surgery, but when they made their decision they were extremely pleased with the results. Their daughter is now seizure free and drug free. After surgery her daughter had to relearn how to walk, talk and use her eyes. The therapy she underwent was extensive, but she is doing very well now and they have never regretted their decision.

It was reassuring to talk to another parent who has been through the surgical process, even though what they were faced with is very different than Evan's case.

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