March 25, 2006


On Friday we took Evan for a routine EEG. This involves giving him a mild sedative, hooking him up to the EEG machine, and then monitoring his brain waves while he's sleeping and awake. The actual test takes less than an hour.

He's had several of these done in the past, but they have always been normal. This hasn't been confusing or concerning to doctors because an EEG is just a snapshot of what his brain is doing for that period of time, so it just indicates that he wasn't having any abnormal brain activity during the EEGs.

Yesterday's EEG did show some irregular activity though--there were some spikes on the EEG coming from the right side which is consistent with his diagnosis. I'm not sure exactly what the appearance of these spikes means in terms of whether or not his condition is getting worse. I have to wonder if a longer EEG would answer that, but we're not signing up for that just yet.

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