August 09, 2013

Texas Children's Hospital: Day 5

Today began with a seizure early this morning, so the doctors now have a lot more information to work with. It was a typical seizure and lasted about 10 minutes. 

We had a flurry of activity today and  Evan's doctors came by to talk to us a few times. The seizure activity looks like it is coming from the tuber in his right frontal lobe that we thought was the culprit. We were relieved that he finally had a seizure while he was being monitored!

Today was filled with removing the EEG leads, a PET scan, an MRI and an fMRI. He was sedated for the two MRIs and it was late when he got back to his room. As a bonus, Evan was discharged and we got to leave the hospital!

We also had the benefit of having Grandpa Fred and Grandma Lynell come to visit us in the hospital. They got to hear firsthand all the news from today and it was nice to hang out, even though it was in the hospital. it was also perfect timing to have extra adults to free Rob and I up to be with Evan as he came out of sedation and look at the Video EEG results with one if Evan's doctors.

We have felt so fortunate to have so many people cheering for Evan and recognize how lucky we are to have such a strong support network! We are so happy to be sleeping at the Ronald McDonald House tonight!!


Mary said...

Yay, Evan!!!

Glad you had a productive day and that you're getting good data. A good night's sleep is an extra bonus.

James said...

I'm glad the data was collected. But I sure ain't glad he is still having seizures.

Hope you guys can take action on what you are learning!
Love you all.

Sandra S. said...

Turns out you were at TCH the same time my family was with my daughter. She had a hemispherectomy surgery for her intractable epilepsy on 8.8.13. Just wondering how is your son doing now?