August 05, 2013

Texas Children's Hospital: Day 1

It was a long first day at Texas Children's Hospital! We got here at 9am and met with the neurosurgeon and neurologist and then moved to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit where we met with nurses, a PA, a resident and the epileptologist coving the floor this week. 

Evan got hooked up to the EEG which was challenging, as it always is, but this time we upped the ante: instead of the standard 28-lead EEG, they placed 80 leads so they can gather more brainwave information. It took a long time and was rough for Evan. Mindy was a big help and at one point laid across Evan as everything was being hooked up.

The hospital is really nice and we are in a big private room with a couch that converts to a double bed. A huge upgrade to the hospital chairs that covert to a very makeshift sleeping space that i refuse to call a bed! There are cameras set up to watch Evan so they will see everything in the event of a seizure. The EEG techs can talk to us through a booming speaker in the ceiling -- it's all very "Wizard of Oz"! When they used a flashing light to test Evan for this type of sensitivity, we tried to get the wizard to DJ for us, but no luck. He did give us dinner recommendations though!

Aria and Evan have posed like this many times, in many hospitals, sharing Evan's hospital bed while watching a movie.

We are hoping for a seizure tonight: the sooner it happens, the sooner we get to leave! Fingers crossed!

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Mary said...

Yes, I've seen many of those pictures of the two kids together. They've really grown up since the first ones I remember, but their love for each other shines through! You're doing a great job, Mom & Dad! And Mindy, I'm glad you are there to take care of our Evan!

Did he have his seizure?

Love to all of you!