August 08, 2013

Texas Children's Hospital: Day 4

Sigh...still no seizures...

We reduced Evan's meds yesterday and reduced again today in the hope that Evan will have a seizure and they will get lots of data to make recommendations.

Some interesting quotes from Evan during his hospital stay:

"Since we're in Texas we should be outlaws!"

"This hospital's not half bad -- I get to stay up late and eat Popsicles, but I'd give anything to get this EEG off!"

"If they cure my seizures they might cure everyone's seizures and then nobody would ever have a dog like Mindy."

"To cure my seizures all you have to do us tell me you want me to have seizures then I'll never have one."

Today Aria and I escaped the hospital for a couple hours and went to the Houston Aquarium. Aria liked feeding the stingrays and there was an unexpected bonus of getting to see White Bengal Tigers. We sat in on a feeding session which was pretty interesting. 

Tonight we had a great visit with our friend and fellow TSC parent, MaryJane. It was so nice to see her and catch up and she brought Evan a cowboy hat! Now he just needs the boots! 

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Mary said...

I'm guessing you told him that all he has to do is have a seizure and they'll remove the leads? ;-) At any rate that was the piece I inserted between "I want this EEg off" and "All you have to do to cure my seizures is tell me to have one."

Looks like a great day at the aquarium!

Love to all of you!