August 06, 2013

Texas Children's Hospital: Day 2

Evan slept well last night but didn't have a seizure yet. Thankfully he didn't have one before we checked into the hospital, so at this point he is overdue for one and we are eager for him to have one while he is being monitored. 

I slept with Evan at the hospital and Rob and Aria came by after they woke up. Mindy is continuing to be a real rock star! 

Evan took a break to paint and Mindy took a break too!

It's hard to keep Evan stimulated in a hospital room but we were lucky to also have visits from Carroll & Wayne Brown and then Mark & Shannon Nini. Having people hang out with us made being in the hospital feel normal in a way.

Rob will sleep with Evan tonight and as Aria and I were leaving Mindy started alerting. She was stiffing around the room and barked as she does prior to a seizure. We are hoping she's right!

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Mary said...

It's really sick to hope that you'll tell me our superstar had a seizure last night, but I do hope they got some good data for analysis!

I appreciate your regular blog updates so we know what's going on. Please give our love to the gang!

Aunt Mary