August 13, 2013


Last week we met with the doctors in Houston to talk about the results from the very thorough testing they did. Evan was all smiles in his cowboy boots with DS in hand. It was good that he had it because it offered him a complete distraction to everything that was going on and being said.

We learned that the seizures were coming from a different location, near the original surgery site. We were shocked to hear this and I think the docs were just as surprised to be telling us. The area in question is very close to the motor strip so Evan is not a candidate for the laser surgery because it is such a crucial area of the brain. If he has surgery it would have to be using more traditional methods because the surgery is actually quite complex and would have the detrimental side effect of permanently damaging Evan's left hand. It's not clear how well he would be able to use his hand. 

So we are regrouping and looking at other options. Prior to this news we were talking about the possibility of having surgery while we were still in Texas so the shift in direction really threw us for a loop.

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andi {the hollie rogue} said...

Hi Lisa, I just found your blog through another mom and am just starting on this seizure journey with our 3 month old baby girl, Hazel. We are in the DC/NOVA area and have been to Children's hospital in DC where she was diagnosed with focal cortical dysplasia. I would love to email you for info on the service dog, etc if you are willing. My email is Thank you!