September 26, 2007

We Have to Get These Seizures to Stop

These are Evan's words, and he's right, we HAVE to get these seizures to stop! This is what he said last night while he was having a seizure. We are so thankful that Evan doesn't loose consciousness while he has seizures, but it was heartbreaking to hear him say, "we have to get these seizures to stop" while his little body shook.

Yesterday was a record day for Evan and we counted 30 seizures. This is not the type of record we want him to go for! Today hasn't been much better, but we're hoping things will calm down soon.

We are preparing to begin the process of introducing a new drug, Klonopin, and weaning him off Depakote. Evan can't be on Depakote for surgery because it is known to have a blood clotting effect. A wean takes a few weeks so we'll be starting to get him off Depakote as soon as we pick up the Klonopin at the pharmacy. Hopefully that will be tomorrow, but the pharmacy had to order it, which seems to be the routine for any new AED we try.

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