September 09, 2007

Cell Phone Nightmare

So, the other thing we were trying to get taken care of this week is the scheduling of Evan's surgery. We decided to get something at least tentatively scheduled at NYU to give us a date to work around, especially since we are leaning toward NYU. We have really come a long way -- I never thought we would be to the point where we'd feel better having a surgery date planned.

I've been walking around all week, carrying my cell phone like it's a precious jewel because the only person who can schedule this surgery is Dr. Weiner, the neurosurgeon at NYU, and I didn't want to miss his call. Of course, that's exactly what happened when both he and his secretary tried multiple times to call my cell phone which was rerouting to a fax machine. ARG! They had the right number and were calling from two different phones so I have no idea how that happened. As wonderful as modern technology is, it's not infallible I guess. Not a huge deal in the big scheme of things, but a little frustrating. Dr. Weiner is in the office on Mondays (surgery Tues. - Fri.) so hopefully we'll catch up then.

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Mary said...

It's Thursday. Have you made contact with the surgeon yet? What's the word from UCLA?

Have fun in the big apple!

Love to all,