September 25, 2007

My Brother Ate My Homework

Not every kid can really use that excuse, but last night Aria was working on her homework and stepped away from it for a few minutes. Evan saw his chance and quickly picked up the paper and took a bite out of it. Rob and I were somewhere between shocked and amused and Rob wrestled the paper away from Evan, getting most of the bits out of his mouth. After it dried we taped it back together and it's almost as good as new. Aria was upset and first but then saw the humor in telling her teacher her brother ate her homework!

When Evan does stuff like this I always think it has something to do with his medication, but how many times can you use that excuse before people think you're just making that up? And what if it isn't the medication! The last one he was on definitely made him aggressive and now he's on a new drug but I'm not sure if it's the drug or not. My gut has been telling me for a while that this med isn't working for him, from a personality standpoint. Maybe we need to look at that more seriously now. The medication certainly isn't controlling his seizures.

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