September 04, 2007

That's My Brain!

On Aria's first day of kindergarten the principal hosted a coffee for any parents who wanted to stop in. It was in the library and there were several people who showed up. Both our kids love books and Evan found a huge book of the human body to look at. Rob helped him get it down and turn the pages and when he saw the page with the brain on it he said, "That's my brain!"

Then he did the next logical thing and positioned his head over the illustration in the book...

The irony of this act was lost on Evan, but not us.


Mary said...

The little boy in the book does look like Evan! I'm so glad you shared these pictures!

He and Aria both have much more awareness of human biology than typical kids their age, don't they?

When do Evan's classes start their new school year?

How was Aria's first day?

Love you all!

Mama Lisa said...

We think he may have said it was his brain because of how much the illustration looks like him. The similarity in appearance is a little unnerving.

Aria had a fantastic first day and Evan starts school on 9/10. He is really looking forward to it and keeps telling us he's going to "Bear School" -- this year his class is called the Buddy Bears.