August 29, 2007

Epilepsy Team at NYU

Yesterday Evan's case was presented to the Epilepsy Team at NYU and, not surprisingly, they recommended surgery. So we have two things on our task list:

1) MEG scan, Sept. 17
2) Meet with neurosurgeon, Dr. Weiner, Oct. 22

After that, if we want to have the surgery at NYU, I guess we could pick a date. Crazy! So it looks like the soonest Evan would have surgery is November. Again, crazy! I guess this is where things start to heat up.


Mary said...

What did the CA folks have to say? We didn't have time for any details, but Rob said something about sending Evan's records for review.

You guys are handling this challenging situation so well. Know that we're all here cheering you on-whichever way you choose best.

I'm looking forward to hearing about Aria's new school class, too!

Hugs to all,
Aunt Mary

Mama Lisa said...


We are going to contact the epilepsy team at UCLA to hear their opinions but haven't spoken with them yet. We hoping to do that this week.