October 03, 2007


Ever hang out with a 3-year-old with insomnia? You haven't lived until you have!

We've been in the middle of a medication switch -- off Depakote and onto Klonopin. Depakote has a side effect of blood-clotting, so Evan has to be off that one prior to surgery. The docs don't want to leave him vulnerable to more seizures than he's already having so we're introducing Klonopin. Klonopin normally wipes people out, but sometimes it induces insomnia, which is what we're seeing in Evan.

Just to add something else into the mix, the Topamax Evan is taking is making him aggressive. This is the second drug Evan has been on that has induced this lovely side effect.

So, our house has been interesting lately to say the least. Although it drives us a little crazy to have Evan repeatedly get out of bed at night, the up side is that he's really funny about it. He comes out of his room to sing us a song, tell us he forgot to say how much he loves us, complain about his pajamas as he stands naked in the doorway, or simply give an animated roar. He has surpassed the old "I'm thirsty" technique for getting to stay up later and moved onto more sophisticated methods!

We talked to Dr. LaJoie, who switched his meds around a bit, so we're hopeful that it will help....soon!

Tonight Evan came up with a completely new idea to avoid sleeping. He appeared in the family room doorway, naked, and complained that his bed was wet. Oh, and he was a little wet too. My thought..."uh oh". So, yes, he took his clothes off and peed in his bed. But Evan is much more creative than that. There was a plastic container in his room, so he put that on his bed, stood on the mattress and tried (with moderate success) to pee into it.

Adults with insomnia? Boring.


Ken Halla said...

I am very impressed w. Evan's creativity, but rather hope that he does not share his "adventures" with Grant! You guys continue to amaze us with your good humor throughout all of this.

Mama Lisa said...


We have to laugh or Evan may not survive his childhood! It's hard not to see the humor in some of the things he does, and I figure, as long as we can still laugh, everything will be ok.