October 26, 2007

Neurotic? Me?

Ok, so I totally got busted for being a neurotic germ-o-phobe this week. We've managed to get Evan to a point where he is pretty healthy -- no small feat at the beginning of flu season -- and we're trying to maintain this healthy level until surgery. Can you say quarantine?

This week Evan had an appointment with his pediatrician, Dr. Hoang, and even the best pediatric offices are life-size petri dishes. A serious danger! I thought this through though and had my mom wait in the car with Evan until his name was called. We quickly whisked him through the waiting room and into the germ-infested examining room. Once in the exam room, I promptly began wiping down every surface with the Clorox wipes I smuggled into the office, working as quickly as I could before Evan touched too many things.

Everything was going exactly as planned. I was feeling pretty good about my Clorox wipes idea and had no problem ignoring the smirks I was getting from my mom. So, there I am, on my knees wiping away and in walks Dr. Hoang! Busted. Neurotic.

This is what I thought until I laughed and admitted what I was doing and it turns out Dr. Hoang thinks I should be even more neurotic! I have been given carte blanche from a medical professional, so look out! She said I was completely sane for being super cautious and that I should ramp it up. She said to give Evan a bath as soon as he gets home from his appointment and put Aria directly in the tub as soon as she gets home from school each day!

We won't be installing a portable biohazard decontamination shower outside our front door, that would be crazy...plus it's too expensive, I checked.


Ken Halla said...

Man and I used to think Deb was neurotic about germs. Congrats on keeping Evan healthy for so long and yourself sane!

Mama Lisa said...


We're trying! Hopefully we'll be able to keep him in good health, but his skin may be dry from all the hand washing and anti-bacterial wipes!


andrew said...

Lisa, your neurosis's is well founded, another thing you should consider is not letting Evan get hammered the night before because if he shows up to the surgery drunk they will turn him away (not that I have any personal experience with this ;-)

One thing I didn't think of before my surgery but wish I had was constipation. Sounds funny but my pain meds constipated me so bad it was the biggest hurdle for me to get over. So watch the pain meds and hope he poops regularly, especially w/three surgeries in such a short span.

I wish Evan the best of luck and I will stay posted on his progress.

Tell Evan Scars are cool and chicks dig'em.


Mama Lisa said...


Thank you for your post, I'm sitting on my couch laughing out loud. I'll try to keep Evan away from my wine before surgery!