October 18, 2007


Prior to surgery we had to take Evan to the cardiologist to be checked out. This required of any patient with TSC because many of these patients have heart defects along with the litany of other issues that come along with this disease.

Evan never got his heart checked while we were in the testing process to see the extent of the organ involvement. At the time he was phobic about the medical community and any big issues with his heart would have shown up by then, so we put it off a bit. We just never got around to following up on that.

We had a little anxiety about what the results would be, so Rob and I were just a little on edge, hoping not to add anything new to Evan's growing medical chart. We were in the office for two hours while Evan had an EKG and a sonogram of his heart. When the doctor looked at everything and came back in the room he said, " Evan's heart is absolutely perfect."



Anonymous said...

The Finland Tuesday Talents are checking in for reports. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Mama Lisa said...

We appreciate that, thanks!