April 07, 2006


What a day...Yesterday we brought Evan to Children's Hospital in DC for a new MRI, and as I may have mentioned, he doesn't like being messed with. We began the day before 6am because he couldn't eat anything after that and his test wasn't until 1:30. Ever try to tell a 2 year old they aren't aloud to eat? Not fun!

Once we got to the hospital he made his presence known to anyone within earshot and protested fervently over having his blood pressure taken, temperature taken, being weighed, wearing a hospital gown, etc. He really lost it when he realized someone had put a hospital bracelet around his ankle. Just doesn't like being messed with.

As for the MRI, they sedated him which took about 10 seconds to take effect and the test itself was uneventful. We were impressed with how good everyone was in the MRI lab and the nurses were all so kind. It takes a special type of person to go into pediatric medicine. On our way out, we were handed a CD with the digital files from his MRI, which we looked at as soon as we got home. I think we'd better keep our day jobs though because nothing seemed evident to us by looking at the scans!

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