April 09, 2006

MRI Results

We spoke to Dr. Young about the results from Evan's MRI and the game plan may be a little different now. Dr. Young (Fairfax Hospital) and Dr. Chang (Children's Hospital) have looked at the MRI films together and both agree that Evan very likely has Tuberous Sclerosis, so we have two opinions from two different hospitals already. We will be talking to both doctors as well as Johns Hopkins this week to figure out what we need to do next. Instead of going over what this disease is, I'm going to direct anyone interested to the link below. It is very informative:


We believe the next steps will involve additional testing to make sure he really does have TS and see where to go from there.

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Anonymous said...

We love you guys! I wish we weren't so far away so we could do something more than just sending all our heartfelt support your way.

Keep us posted and give the kids a kiss for us.